Cervical pillow and its advantages in travels

Cervical pillowEvery day more than 10 million people use planes to travel domestically or internationally ; and among those are less than 5 percent use business or first class; the rest, the remaining ninety so percent, like us use the economy class . the not so adjustable nature of the seats in this class can easily make the rest time a nightmare . so why not erase that discomfort by a good cervical pillow ?
The emprian cervical pillow takes a revolutionary leap over all U shapes pillows . with its wider body and adjustable buckle it uses the u-shape pillows’ ease of use and full loop pillows’ ultimate neck support .
The emprian inflatable pillows are very light and small when deflated and  can be packed inside its fist size pouch . they won’t take up the necessary and valuable luggage space needed in long travels . they are soft , skin friendly and orthopedically designed to bring maximum comfort and support .
The soft velvet cover of the pillow can be easily removed and washed . more than often in long travels we experience the inability to sleep and rest and that will result in very annoying fatigue , irritability and post flight headaches and jet lag . in these situations a good travel pillow will be a good precaution against all these uneasiness .
the emprian cervical pillow comes packed with eye patches and earbuds, the trio of them will make a perfect package to provide great sleeping aids, with this pack travellers can have a better experience on a crowded business class with all that turbulence and the over head lights that stay on for that one kid that wants to watch cartoon on their father’s phone long after their usual sleeping time .
one of the great things about these inflatable travel pillows is the ability to inflate without the need of blowing . the pump button on the right end of the u shaped pillow will fully inflate the pillow with 10-15 presses .
the emprian cervical pillow has the full loop design the comes in handy if you are one of those guys that can’t sleep just on one side of your body and use to roll from sides to sides ; seriously in these situations the u shape pillows that don’t have buckles or those pillow that wrap around your neck to choke level are pretty useless .
with all the new models and feature found in travel pillow market these days  we decided to put our time and effort in marketing of a model the feature all the good things about travel pillows in one package . this model has the ease of use found in U shape model but buckle adds the grip not found in ordinary models; meanwhile the ergonomic design and its nape cushion adds to its value and comfort. its small size when deflated , its soft velvet cover and the ease of inflating and its add on s all provide a complete package that delivers high end comfort on those long flights.

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